Welcome to the world of Sri Lankan eSports

Noob Alliance is one of the largest eSports organizations operating in Sri Lanka, with a base of over 200 eSports athletes, competing in a range of competitive gaming titles.  Do you think you have what it takes to push the limits and be apart of a true eSports movement?

‘Revolutionising Sri Lankan eSports for over a decade’

‘Reforming the quality of Esports’


We have been at the forefront of Sri Lankan esports for over a decade with esports athletes spanning across a multitude of games and competing at tournaments in all corners of Sri Lanka.

Noob Alliance is the first Sri lankan Call of Duty clan with an immense tournament win record in recent years, and still holds the number one spot in Sri Lankan COD Rankings. We have also branched out to other gaming titles such as Overwatch; with teams consistently achieving the top 3 ranks across the year and other titles such as Clash Royale, FIFA, DOTA 2 and League of Legends has seen similar success. Noob Alliance has grown into one of the most reputable and distinguished esports organization in the country and is looking to push the boundaries and become the number one esports organization in Sri Lanka.


Noob Alliance is dedicated towards becoming the local leader and a global competitor in the current esports movement. We want to extend this movement towards every household in Sri Lanka and achieve a global reach.


Dedicated towards building a new generation of esports athletes in all platforms, throughout all competitive titles and for them to become globally recognized for their achievements. Through this, we will strive towards becoming the top esports organization in the country.

Come join Sri Lanka’s leading eSports organisation