Noob Alliance is delighted to announce that Eco Lanka Consultants will be joining us as a sponsor for the upcoming year. We are very proud to share this partnership with the Sri Lankan Esports Community because together we aim to spread awareness about sustainability and environmental protection into the world of Esports.


About Eco Lanka Consultants 

Eco Lanka Consultants was created as a network of Environmental Specialists committed to solving various kinds of  environmental concerns. They are a Total Environmental Solutions Company focused on being a One Stop Shop for all environmental issues from start to finish, planning and strategizing to design and implementation – all handled, sourced and executed through one company.

Their list of environmental services and necessities can further any business by catering to the ever-growing demand for greener, more sustainable business practices.


At their core, they aim to make environmental services readily available, easily accessible and above all, hassle free to all sectors and industries Eco Lanka Consultants believes in bridging the gap between businesses and sustainability through

innovative thinking and the sharing of knowledge among fellow consultants which is why they lead the way in modernizing and furthering eco-logical solutions in Sri Lanka.


Our Partnership 

We are excited to bring about a revolutionary change into the world of Sri Lankan Esports, ushering in a new era of sustainability to our industry together. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!