Noob Alliance have yet again taken the throne at Clans Overwatch League (GCOL). The Undefeated champions have made a comeback to steal the stage one more time and solidifying their position as the top team in Sri Lanka Clans Overwatch League is an online Overwatch tournament hosted by and has made a return for the second consecutive year in order to provide a playing field for rising talents and old legends alike. This Eleague is one of the most prestiged online leagues in Sri Lanka and a victory here is pivotal for Sri Lankan rankings.

Noob Alliance was represented by 4 teams Selfless Reborn (Inactive),Noobs United, The Money Team and Blackwatch. These teams managed to put on another dominant performance yet again.

A New Hero: Rise of A New Amateur Team – Noobs United

Team Noobs United was acquired in the start of this year, with a roster consisting of fresh talent; that showed great potential to become a veteran team in the future. Under the leadership of Madura “TheOne” Perera, this roster has performed beyond their expectations by earning a spot among the top 6 qualifying teams for GCOL 2018. Going into the series the expectations of the team was to learn as much as possible by going against some of the best teams in Sri Lanka, but the players had more confidence in their skills and abilities and managed to outplay veteran teams that have been competing for a longer time. This roster will now look towards the next tournament to further break our expectations.

The Brink of a New Beginning –  The Money Team

The Money Team (TMT) is one of the oldest and prestiged teams of Noob Alliance Overwatch, consisting of experienced players who have competed in many tournaments both online and LAN. The active of roster of TMT has seen various additions over the recent past, such as the addition of  DPS flex Pravi “Wolverine” Kavishka, main support Kasun “Goldenlion” Amarasinghe, off support Chirath “Ferrari” Hassan. TMT performed to their peak level last year and clenched the third place in the Srilankan Overwatch rankings. TMT showed a dominant performance in the initial stages of the GCOL upper brackets but fell at the hands of x3.Insayn. However, TMT managed to climb through the lower brackets by taking out x3.Boosted!, x3.Walla Patta Horu and fell to x3.Nitro Zeus at the lower bracket semi finals. TMT will  look to regain their form in the next tournament and go “agane”. We wish them the best of luck!


Back to Back Champions – Team Blackwatch

Team Blackwatch is regarded as the pinnacle of Overwatch eSports in Sri Lanka and has a long history of providing some high octane game plays. Blackwatch was one of the inaugural teams in the Sri Lankan Overwatch initiated by Noob Alliance, consisting of talented veteran eSports athletes who have already built their team synergy way before making their move to Overwatch. Blackwatch has come a long way from their humble beginning to now dominating almost every Overwatch tournament held, this is fully attributed to their talented roster which has the most powerful DPS duo; Ruvinda “Falca” Ranaweera & Ruvin “Ghost” Kularathna, a proactive tank line headed by Vinu “JonaBoy” Randula & Madhushan “Madhu22” Dassanayake and combined with an explosive support line-up of Michika “Sleepy” Perera, Sampath “Sukiri Bole” Widushan and Prebaa “Ppeekxcel” Shan.  

Blackwatch showcased their skills throughout the tournament as the team breezed through the upper bracket rounds without dropping a single map in the qualifying round against some of the most of the most experienced teams such as Pnx.Syndicate, x3.Walla Patta Horu and x3.Insayn. Blackwatch faced x3.Nitro Zeus in the grand finals and managed to win with a comfortable lead of 3-1 to cement their position as the first team in Sri Lanka to hold the GCOL title back to back.  Blackwatch will now look to maintain this form and look towards preparing for the next tournament.


Noob Alliance have yet again dominated GCOL, for the second consecutive year and will remain the title holders for season 2 as well. We are excited to see our teams perform again in the final tournaments for the year and we expect more high explosive overwatch gameplay by our players. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more Overwatch content coming soon!