The Get nAiled eSports brand makes a return this year for the second time and this time hosting the coveted Call of Duty 4 title. Get nAiled is an eSports brand owned by Noob Alliance which hosts a series of ranked tournaments across a variety of eSports titles endorsed by Gamer.LK.

The Get nAiled Call of Duty League 2018 ran in the form of a single elimination LAN format hosted in Keero Gaming Lounge, with a total of 43 teams and representing all the major eSports organizations in Sri Lanka. Going into the brackets, Noob Alliance was represented by 3 teams; nA Spite, nA SWAT and nA Insane

nA Spite, crowned the overall champions of the series, Spite had a dominant run throughout the tournament having taken down veteran teams such as Pnx.Inside Gaming, TM.Team zU, M-eS.Pulse Core. Spite breezed through the brackets easily, keeping a marginal lead in all their matches. Spite went against Team zU from Tech Morph during the finals and took a swift 2-0 lead in the best of 3 finals lead by some impressive plays by Eranda “Garfield” Madushan, who managed to clutch out impossible rounds and turn the tide in favor of Spite.  nA Spite is comprised of 7 veteran players in the Call of Duty scene and under the leadership of Sameera “SVTUE” Vidusanka, Spite has managed to consistently hold their position at the top 3 leaderboards of Sri Lanka and we wish them best of luck in their future matches.

Noob Alliance Spite’s Official Roster

nA SWAT and nA Insane, made their debut performance at Get Nailed with their newly assembled rosters and gave a great run in the initial brackets facing WG Nemesis and IHE.Regret respectively, however, fell short. They will be looking to come back stronger in the future.

Overall, the League was a resounding success with teams from across the country battled it out for the coveted title of being crowned the champions of Get nAiled 2018. We look forward to the next installment of Get nAiled coming up for the next competitive eSports title