The Kings of LAN 2018 concluded successfully on Sunday, 24th June and with it we are proud to announce that Noob Alliance is tied for first place with Phoenix Gaming.

After a tense battle between multiple gaming titles, our players were able to clutch out a series of victories that went the distance. We saw a dominant performance from our existing members and some amazing plays from our newly recruited members who showed why they are a force to be reckoned with.

Special Forces 2

Team Reconnected made their debut game for Noob Alliance at KOL 2018 and with it they have solidified their standing in the domestic scene for SF2. Team Reconnected had an amazing performance throughout the bracket, beating noticeable teams such as Pnx.Heroes and Team Maximum. Reconnected secured second place with relative ease and we expect them to dominate SF2 coming forward. Team Dark Knights had a stellar run in the tournament, after being recruited this year Dark Knights show continuous improvement and development in their play and we expect nothing less, Dark Knights secured 4th place after the conclusion of the SF2 Bracket.


Noob Alliance made their entry into Tekken back in SLCG 2017 and with the recruitment of Ashen “Blazer” Samarawickrama we have been a dominant power in Sri Lankan Tekken. Blazer showed monumental plays and clutched out fight after fight. Blazer successfully obtained second place after falling in the final, rest assured we will be back with a vengeance.

Clash Royale

Noob Alliance hosts the largest standing Clash Royale roster in Sri Lanka with players across the top ranks in the leader board. We are proud to announce that Noob Alliance obtained the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the CR Bracket, thus making a strong statement to our opponents. nA.Daniel, continued his reign of terror by taking out his opposition at early brackets and went against his fellow nA players. Daniel managed to pull out yet another tournament victory after just coming back from the Asian Games.

nA Hanif, showed his skills across the brackets yet again beating out any other opponents and going head to head with his teammate nA.Daniel. After an intense game Hanif managed to secure second place. Honourable mentions go to nA Parthi and nA RNB, with Parthi securing third place after an excellent early bracket game, meeting nA.RNB for the bronze match and after a very interesting matchup, nA.Pathi secured 3rd place while nA.RNB obtained 4th place. The Clash Royale wing of Noob Alliance continues to dominate Sri Lanka with a convincing fashion.


Noob Alliance continues it’s interest into developing its FIFA Wing, with longstanding members such as nA.Venom, nA.Shark and nA.SadirOmer who continue to prove their depth of experience and skill in the game. nA.Venom has proven why he is considered the best player in Sri Lankan FIFA, he absolutely dominated the starting brackets by going against fierce opponents from Phoenix Gaming and Tech Morph. nA.Venom swept the finals 2-0 and securing the first place with ease. Noticeable mentions go to nA.Shark and nA.SadirOmer who had an excellent run in the early brackets. The FIFA Wing will look forward to improvement and further development to maintain its dominant position.

Noob Alliance has made a huge impact at this annual Kings of LAN and with this momentum we look to move forward to the next upcoming ranked tournament which is the “SLT LAN Challenge”; expect Noob Alliance to be there with a fury.