Team ISSL to shine through domination and power loaded performances to secure 1st runners up in the Milandhoo PUBG League Season 21.

The ‘Milandhoo League Season 21 is an international online PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBGM) e-sports tournament hosted in Milandhoo, Maldives. The Milandhoo League Season 21 is an open tournament with over 150 teams taking part to battle it out at the competitive lobby till the best of the best survives the war for a prize pool of 8000 MVR (98,000+ LKR) rewarded to the top team by the end of the season. 

Team ISSL is a highly recognized roster in Sri Lanka and has also achieved several milestones such as securing 1st runners up at EPL – the biggest PUBGM e-sports tournament hosted in Sri Lanka, qualifying for grand finals at The RGCxADN Supreme Cup, winners of Dakar Kill For Cash championship, winners of Playmo 2020 PUBG Mobile Championship Series, etc.  They are currently ranked the #3 rank team in Sri Lanka. The roster consists of the well known players,

Tharidu ”Mamatha” Induwara

Ramesh “Jimmy” Kavindu

Sandakelum “Kelum” Ranasinghe

Ashwin “AzZwin” Ravija

Chamuditha “Lucifer” Watshan

Team ISSL was able to show their utmost dominant performance in the recent Milandhoo League Season 21. nA|ISSL well known for their consistent performance and achievements right through the year has begun the year with an impressive start. 

The roster managed to gather their rank points as such, after match 01 nA|ISSL concluded at 7th in placement with 4 kills with 6 total points, followed by 10th placement in match 02, chicken dinner in match 03 with 7 kills and total points of 22, 2nd place in match 04 with 10 kills and total points of 22, 13th place in match 05 with 1 kill and total point of 1, 2nd place in match 06 with 0 kills and total points of 12, 16th place in match 07 with 0 points in total. By the end of this season, nA|ISSL concluded the tournament racking up 40 kills with 98 points placing themselves at the #2 spot in the leaderboard. They were also rewarded the title ‘Most Points In A Match’ with an astounding 33 points gained in a single match lobby.

ISSL once again proved to the PUBGM community that their presence is to be feared and watched out for as they continue to dash through their competitors grabbing themselves a seat amongst the most dominant teams in competitive PUBG: Mobile Asia. With continuous placements, we are yet to see a brighter future of this roster as they unfold layers upon layers of their ability to make a stand on international esports stages.