Shark from Noob Alliance wins the RLG FIFA Championship 2018, which was hosted at the Redline store on the 2nd of July. A number of professional eSports athletes battled it out through a series of 6 qualifiers. The top 2 players of all 6 qualifiers then moved onto a single elimination finals round where players battled it out on the pitch to make their claim on the grand prize which is a chance to represent Sri Lanka at the Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) 2018 in Singapore.

We are proud to announce that Ahmed ‘Shark’ Shaakir will be the selected representative of Sri Lanka at the AFGC 2018 with all his travel and accommodation expenses paid for. nA.Shark has been one of the most prominent FIFA players in Sri Lanka with multiple tournament finals under his belt and has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. Going into the qualifier rounds, nA.Shark dominated the 4th qualifier bracket taking down notable players from Maximum eSports, Phoenix GaminG and displaying why he can contest the title of being the best FIFA player in Sri Lanka. After qualifying for the final bracket, Shark went against the best players that the domestic competition could offer and came out with huge leads consistently; eventually eliminating his final opponent at a tremendous lead of 4-1. nA.Shark has once again proven his ability to be the best FIFA player in Sri Lanka.

Honorary mentions go out towards our other players from the Noob Alliance FIFA Wing that took part in the qualifier rounds. nA.Venom, nA.SadirOmer, and nA.Oluka who showed great performances throughout the qualifier rounds with close games, they will be coming back stronger to face their next tournaments and look to gain a higher form.

The Asian Football Gaming Championship 2018 will be hosted in Singapore on the 11th of July till the 15th of July, where nA.Shark will battle it out with the best players across Asia to be crowned the Best FIFA player. We wish Shark the best of luck and will be with him every step of the way