The South Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship League (SACC) kicked off on the 28th of July and after over a month of action-packed gameplay, Noob Alliance Spite managed to win it all and be crowned the champions of the league.

The SACC is an international tournament hosted by 6 eSports organizations across 4 countries which includes India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; with Noob Alliance being the Sri Lankan Host for the tournament. The SACC followed a single elimination model, where the first round, quarter finals followed a best of 3 model and the semifinals, final rounds followed a best of 5 model. The SACC consisted of 32 teams from the 4 countries and the fixtures promised some high octane gameplay.

Noob Alliance was represented by 2 teams in the SACC fixtures, nA Envyus and nA Spite, both very capable teams and boasting a roster of some of the most feared COD4 veterans in Sri Lanka.

nA Envyus – A Story of Shattered Hopes

Envyus, one of this year’s latest additions to the Noob Alliance Call of Duty wing consisting of players from team nA Phase and TM. Envyus; under the command of Navod “Cyanide” Bopitiya, Envyus had a dominant run in the qualifying circuit with 3 wins under their belt and only dropping one map in their entire run. However, with regards to tournament rules, all players are required to use MOSS as proof of fair play and due to technical difficulties one player from Envyus failed to record his gameplay through this software which led to an automatic disqualification from one of the matches and this led to Envyus forfeiting the tournament. We are proud of team Envyus performance throughout the tournament and they will look to reclaim their glory in the next upcoming tournament.

nA Spite – The South Asian Call of Duty 4 Champions

Spite is easily recognized as the best team in the Sri Lankan Call of Duty community, with an all-star roster consisting of; Sanjeewa “Peace” Abeykoon, Tharindu “Hope” Yapa, Sasitha “Sylax” Weeratunga, Kasun “Gane” Ganegala, Ruvin “Ghost” Kularathne, Eranda “Garfield” Madushan and Sameera “SV” Vidushanka. This roster has managed to take down new and old teams to hold their seat at the top of the Sri Lankan ladder and now Spite has taken the next step in their eSports careers, taking down veteran COD4 players from 4 Asian countries and crowning themselves the COD4 kings of South Asia.

Spite made it seem as the qualifying rounds were a breeze with their large map differential against other teams, however, Spite stated they had to step up their performance at every map to match these unknown international rosters and clutch out important rounds to make huge comebacks. Spite was rebranded last year after the current in-game leader Sameera “SV” Vidushanka took over the roster and Spite was able to take the COD4 stage by storm, however there were concerns that they would be  underprepared to take on international teams with more experience than them but all members of Spite went into the tournament with one goal, to take it all and they were confident in their teams ability to do so. Coming to the final 3 rounds, Spite remained in the top 16 teams after a hectic qualifying round which allowed them to really adapt to the atmosphere of the tournament and increase their overall confidence. Spite had an impressive performance in the last circuit with clean sweeps across most of the teams and only dropping a map to team Evil Inside who gave a strong fight which pushed Spite to their core, however with the large skill pool of players in Spite that can adapt on the fly, they were able to make an impressive comeback on the third map.

The final match, Spite faced Team Unity from Pakistan and Spite went into the fixture at a disadvantage of not knowing any of their roster playstyles and only knew that Unity was favored to win the tournament. Spite had a bit of time to make preparations for the match and knew their strength lies in making key player rotations across their specialized maps and using their previous experiences to make clutch plays under pressure. The final set was an intense best of 5, with Team Unity coming close to catch up against Spite’s round differential but Spite managed to clutch the final rounds of Crossfire, Strike, and Backlot and this led to Spite claiming the first 3 maps and ending the final series without dropping a map against the tournament favorites. After a major win at the SACC, Spite’s captain Sameera “SV” Vidushanka had this to say about their victory “we always believed in ourselves, that we could win the whole thing. I’m really happy that we showed everyone that we have what it takes; especially to the people who told us that we got carried by others or that we couldn’t deliver under pressure. I guess now we have nothing else to prove. It feels really rewarding to reap the benefits of all that hard work and turning it into a truly unforgettable win

The Sri Lankan community could not have had better representation at the SACC, with top teams from the all the major eSports organizations performing at their peak and making mother Lanka proud. Spite will be gearing up for the next major tournament after a well-deserved break and look to leave their mark. Stay tuned to our website and social media page for more SACC content.