Noob Alliance – THExMOB Esports crowned champions of the invitational Call Of Duty: Mobile Championship hosted by Sri Lanka Esports Association, in partnership with Gamer.LK & Global Esports world connected series 2020. 

The invitational e-sports tournament organized by Sri Lanka E-sports Association in partnership with Gamer.LK  and Global E-sports world connected series is a one-day  online tournament that kicked off on the 18th of December 2020 where the best teams represented by e-sports divisions such as: Union Gaming, Alpha E-sports, Wolfgang E-sports, Maximum E-sports, Tech Morph, Phoenix Gaming were invited to battle it out on competitive stage for the provided titles Valorant and Call Of Duty: Mobile. 

Leading up to the tournament, nA|THExMOB was coming off of a victorious season racking up two major tournament victories back to back at the ‘Dialog Gaming: Maximum Ladders Championship’ hosted by Maximum Esports and ‘Iron Fist Call Of Duty: Mobile Championship’ hosted by Iron Fist Gaming. It was apparent THExMOB had made their stand amongst the most dominant teams in the platform. 

On December 18th 2020, THExMOB was nominated to represent Noob Alliance at the SLESA Invitational Championship for the Call Of Duty:Mobile title. With the commencement of the tournament, Team Noob Alliance was set to face another top tier lineup representing Union Gaming – Project APEX Error 404 in the qualifiers. After an intense 10 rounds of search and destroy, Team Noob Alliance came out victorious pushing their way through to the semi-finals where they were to meet DXG|Blackwings of Maximum Esports. Once again, Team Noob Alliance – THExMOB proved their dominance with a score of 10-3 paving their way through to the Grand Finals. On the other end of the line, awaiting to battle at the grand final was Teetotalers representing Wolfgang E-sports, a lineup with a defense impenetrable throughout the series of this tournament. 

As the audience built up the intensity on the live stream eagerly waiting to see a showdown between two top tier teams that have met their paths on a major tournament as such, the first match of the best of three grand final kicked off at Summit – Hardpoint. THExMOB continued to prove their skills and mastery, defeating Teetotalers – Wolfgang Esports with a score of 150-70. Having one victory out of the best of three at the grand final, THExMOB – Team Noob Alliance only required one more win to secure their spot as the champions. Next up was the 10 rounds search and destroy at Standoff where Teetotalers took stand at defense and THExMOB at attack. The match began with 4 rounds going head to head of  2-2 for each team when THExMOB began to gain momentum in stacking up rounds winning one after another, after a continuous show of dominance, THExMOB was able to conclude the match with an astounding 10-3 victory, marking themselves as the crowned champions of the Sri Lanka Esports Association Call Of Duty:Mobile Championship.