The highly anticipated SLT eSports championship made a comeback for the 4th consecutive year with many eSports titles and a jaw dropping prize pool. SLT eSports championship was held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November 2018 at the BMICH convention centre alongside Infotel, one of the largest IT exhibitions in Sri Lanka.

The tournament consisted of a large variety of titles, including some familiar titles making a return from last year such as, Call of Duty 4, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, Project Cars, Injustice 2 and Clash Royale. In addition, we witnessed new promotional titles introduced this year which included Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Under the supervision of, The SLT eSports Championship 2018 managed to break expectations and make a significant impact towards the growth of the eSports movement.

Noob Alliance managed to secure 2nd place in the overall standings at the SLT esports Championship 2018 which is fully attributed to our players who showed a dominating performance across a variety of titles

Call of Duty 4 – Gold and Bronze Medals

Noob Alliance managed to secure first and third place in the Call of Duty 4 League after a thrilling series against more than 90 teams. The Call of Duty 4 wing has been one of the best performing wings this year, maintaining their form and performance consistently throughout the tournaments this year. Under the leadership of the wing leaders Sanjeewa “Peace” Abeykoon and Sasitha “Sylaxx” Weerathunga the wing has been the strongest cadre of eSports athletes in the Sri Lankan COD4 Community. Noob Alliance was represented by 3 teams at the SLT esports Championship which were Spite, Insane and Archon.

Noob Alliance – Spite 

Spite was crowned the overall champions of the league, in their case history repeated itself as they are now back to back champions at the SLT eSports Championship series. Spite has had a great year with multiple championship and a roster filled with players who are dedicated towards maintaining their dominance and titles. Spite had a great run throughout the SLT eSports series beating out teams with a marginal lead and taking on  TM .zU at the grand finals. Spite will look to maintain their consistency, form and carry this momentum forward towards a victory at the grand stage of SLCG 2018.

Noob Alliance – Archon

Archon secured third place at the Call of Duty 4 league after going head to head against nA Insane. Team Archon has been making their presence in the competitive scene known by finishing in the top 3 consistently this year after been formed at the end of last year. Archon knocked out 4 teams across different eSports organizations but their run came to an end by the hands of nA Spite. Archon will look to “up the ante” at SLCG 2018 and maintain their form.  

Clash Royale – Gold and Bronze Medals

Noob Alliance remains to be the host of the biggest and the most skilled roster for Clash Royale in Sri Lanka. Our eSports athletes strive for greatness and consistently break expectations. The Noob Alliance CR clan celebrates achieving rank 1 in the Sri Lanka leaderboards (more information to be announced) and now adds the title win at SLT eSports Championship 2018.

Joel ‘daniel’ Joung secured first place from the series after a intense bracket going head to head against fellow clan members as well as eSports athletes from across different organizations. nA Daniel has been dominating the local competition since his acquisition last year and carries the pride of the nation after his representing the country at the IESF 2018 earlier this year.

Rajith ‘rN’b’ Nipuna secured third place from the series, nA rNb CR skill is undoubtedly strong and was an excellent addition to our growing roster. After consistently performing across many tournaments this year, rNb has managed to become a core part of the CR roster in terms of skill and dedication

The Noob Alliance Clash Royale wing looks strong as ever and we look to build on this strength and finish the year off with another championship at SLCG 2018


Women’s League

Noob Alliance prides itself in having one of the biggest and strongest wing of female eSports athletes. In a profession consisting mostly of males, our female eSports athletes have proven to be a force to be reckoned in both team titles and single player titles with and they have showcased their skills yet again at the  SLT eSports Championship 2018

Our eSports athletes have secured a total of 6 medals in the Women’s League division which is a massive feat for our players as they have solely dominated an entire division.

Mario Kart  – Noob Alliance was crowned overall champions of the Mario Kart title as the top 3 spots were captured by Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera (1st Place), Kavindee ‘Vinky’ Kariyawasam (2nd  Place) and Tharaki ‘Ivy’ Wackwella (3rd Place).

Mortal Kombat XL – Our eSports athletes achieved second and third place in this title after a thrilling series from all participants.  Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera, secured second place while Tharaki ‘Ivy’ Wackwella secured third place in the league.

Need For Speed:Most Wanted – One of the oldest standing titles by made a return at the Women’s League and Noob Alliance managed to secure first place by Himasha ‘HiMA’ Perera obtaining the gold medal after a dominating performance.

We look to maintain this form as we look towards dominating the women’s league championship at SLCG 2018.

Under 12 Division

The Under 12 League was a promotional division launched by earlier this year, Noob Alliance is proud is to have representation in this division by our eager and dedicated young eSports athletes. The league consisted of 3 main titles and we are pleased to announce that we have secured first and third place across 2 titles.

nA.Shakya Sansidu dominated the Subway Surfers and Fruit Ninja titles, acquiring gold medal in Subway Surfers and Fruit Ninja. The future stars of eSports at Noob Alliance are looking bright.


We are immensely proud of the performance made by our eSports athletes, we have now set our eyes on our next goal, which is the Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2018 and end another successful year for us. For the latest announcements and news keep an eye on our Facebook page, exciting news await! #nA Tribe