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Current Sponsors

The enablers of Noob Alliance, who paves the way for us to operate at our highest level and capabilities

Hutch is a global pioneer in mobile telecommunications and has engineered one of the largest mobile networks in Sri Lanka. This global conglomerate entered Sri lanka in 2004 with the help of its holding company CK Hutchison Holdings Limited and has been a leading innovator in the Sri Lankan market. Hutch has actively made strategic investments towards the growth of esports in Sri Lanka and sponsoring a premier esports organization in Sri Lanka, Noob Alliance, has allowed them to strengthen their footing in the market. In addition, Hutch has been behind some of the largest esports events in Sri Lanka  such as “Get Nailed”, which is a series of ranked esports tournaments spanning a multitude of competitive games. Hutch has been with Noob Alliance since 2016, helping us grow and plant the seeds to our current success.

Surge is one of leading innovators in digital marketing, having started their journey as a small startup in content creation and management, Surge has grown to become one of the most reputable firms in Sri Lanka for their innovative content and marketing. Surge is a global brand spanning with partners throughout Asia, USA and Australia. Surge has been a large advocate in the local esports movement in Sri Lanka, which is evident as the CEO and Founder of Surge, Bhanuka Harishchandra (In Game Name – Bhanoob), is an avid gamer and began his content creating journey through gaming videos. Surge has been partnered with Noob Alliance since 2016 as our strategic digital marketing partner helping us grow to becoming a highly recognized esports organization and broadening our reach throughout the country. Surge has helped us build our growing empire and will continue to be one of our most valued partners

MSI is one of the leading gaming brands, a highly valued and trusted name in competitive esports and gaming. Their dedication towards developing esports and building a growing community has provided a stable platform for Sri Lankan esports athletes to showcase their skills and talents. MSI provides excellence in design and technological innovation in their products to deliver nothing but the very best equipment to the modern day esports athlete and we are proud to have a partner with such a deep background in esports in terms of experience and knowledge. We have been partners with MSI since the start of 2018 and they continue to show their enthusiasm and passion towards building and revolutionizing Sri Lankan esports and helping Noob Alliance dominate the arena.

Special Mentions

The people who keep esports alive in Sri Lanka.

The backbone of Sri Lankan esports and a dedicated organization that wants to bring Sri Lankan esports to a global stage. Initially founded by Mr Raveen Wijathilake, was the birth of a new era for Sri Lankan esports and a pillar of hope. Gamer.LK will continue to be a beacon for esports and Sri Lanka can rest assured that esports will continue to grow at its rapid rate

Sri Lanka e-Sports Association, founded in 2012 and it is the official governing body for esports in Sri Lanka. SLESA is the forefront for increasing esports awareness both at the domestic and international stage. SLESA has achieved monumental feats, recently providing rising esports athletes representation at the Asian Games. SLESA will continue to provide their unwavering support  to all esports organizations in Sri Lanka and allow Srilankan esports to grow

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